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Learn more than just the fundamentals of branding and marketing, but receive personal guidance as we customize courses and classes brand specific to truly advance your brand and your business; whatever stage you may be in the creative process. 

Apart from helping aid in the succession of your business goals, Kamilah.co is also tailored to updating both fans and friends on everything creative in Kamilah’s present-day life.

Enjoy exclusive, downloadable photosets from all upcoming photoshoots, BTS footage of new projects, audio/video diaries, Q&A, product discounts, and even the ability to contact Kamilah by direct calls and text messages.

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Membership cost will increase as more content becomes readily available to members. No matter how much price increases over a 6-month time period, your monthly membership fee will remain the same (as long as you subscribe consecutively during the course of this time period). 

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The material of Kamilah.co is exclusive to our website and available to our website members ONLY.

Previews to photoshoots and videos are available on social media, but you can only watch content in its entirety by becoming a member to Kamilah.co.

Our website’s privacy policy makes this content inaccessible to the general public by heavily protecting the reproduction of content. Your monthly subscription will unlock more content as our website grows and develops. 

Please keep your log-in and password private. 

Business Opportunity.

This includes providing our members the opportunity to submit their businesses for free promotion — as well as investment opportunity (and in more ways than one)!

We include any and all class/course broadcasts as well as up-to-date marketing tools and strategies for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Business guidance, advice, and branding specialization are all included in one monthly price.

Cell Phone Access.

Members have the opportunity to consult on the phone for an included 20 minutes per month. *

This is the only website that Kamilah will allow users to text/call in and speak directly to her about business advice** or even just to chat.***

Members will receive a cell phone number to text in any questions and/or requests regarding business inquiries. This includes general and specific business advice.

You may also text Kamilah personally for general advice, questions, or just to say hi/keep in touch!

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The website’s calendar will inform members on all upcoming broadcasts, classes, and events.

Much of the live broadcasts will keep members updated on what’s new and what's to come!

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Your monthly donation will allow us the ability to maximize our content’s quality.

From HD vlogs including travel diaries, to BTS (behind the scenes) of new photoshoots, to taking a look into Kamilah’s daily life with personal vlogs!

Your donation will also support creatives from all walks of life in showcasing their talents to the best of their abilities alongside Kamilah in epic collaborations.

Downloadable Content.

Audio messages x vlogs (including all past live broadcasts), full photoshoot photosets, and all necesssary files will be readily available in the corresponding downloadable sections.

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*Additional calls may be conducted for a fee.

* *Phone calls related to business/branding will NEVER be made to solicit/advertise additional businsss services. They are legitimate calls with the objective of your business’s growth/creation made through creative consult.

* * *Phonecalls non-business related are simply intended to speak to Kamilah on a personal level. You may ask questions, receive advice, or continue conversation from text messages. Explicit calls are not allowed.